Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) – is like cable TV, but it uses
a broadband connection to the Internet instead of cable for the
delivery of video services. IPTV works on your TV with a set-top box
that accesses channels, subscription services, and movies
on demand.We provide IPTV installation and service to offices houses
and corporate companies all over in lebanon

IPTV For Hotel

A complete IPTV solution for hotels in one box!                                                                IPTV middleware/billing
DVB to IP gateway
VoD/nVoD server
interface to hotel property management systems  Features overview

-welcome message on guest check-in
-hotel information page
-auto posting TV services from the IPTVsystem to
 the PMS system
-hotel bill view
-express checkout
-messages from reception
-room status change via TV (dirty/clean) for the
 housekeeping service

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